CameraLK's First International Outlet to be Opened In Maldives!

Ahmed Shurau

CameraLK, which has extensive camera business in Sri Lanka, have announced that their First International Outlet it set to open in the Maldives Soon.

Announcing the same, the official Facebook page of CameraLK and The Managing Director of CameraLK shared a post on Facebook today.

It was announced that cameraLK will open an outlet outside the country and that it will be opened in the Capital of Maldives, Male City.

While it was announced that a CameraLK outlet will open in the Maldives, there is no official confirmation on the opening date.

The outlet will be the first outlet to be opened outside Sri Lanka by the company. CameraLK, which sells cameras and equipment for photography and cinematography, has opened four outlets in Sri Lanka.

CameraLK is a well-known business among local photographers. Many photographers of Maldives buy most of the camera and camera-related equipment from CameraLK.