MA Services launches BAUER compressor operator training and SCUBAPRO regulator services training

Mohamed Muavvazu

MA services pvt. ltd. launches two important training programs for diving centres in the Maldives

The two training programs are the BAUER Compressor Operator Training Program and the SCUBAPRO Regulator Service Training Program.

The BAUER Compressor Operator Training Program will be led by Rob Partridge of Proscuba Marine Technology and the SCUBAPRO Regulator Service Training Program will be led by John Seddon of SCUBAPRO Asia Pacific

As part of the BAUER Compressor Operator Training Program, participants receive theoretical training on the technology and functionality of high-pressure breathing air compressors. In addition, participants will receive training on compressor maintenance and safe operation

In the SCUBAPRO Regulator Service Program, facilitator provides theoretical training on the techniques and functions of scuba regulators. Participants will also learn about basic maintenance of SCUBAPRO regulators commonly used in dive centres. Additionally, at the end of this training, participants will be able to identify replacement parts for their regulators. This also encourages regulator safety precautions and familiarises participants with regulator operation and assembly.

These two training programs are designed to ensure enjoyable and stress-free diving and promote the Maldives as one of the world's best diving destinations, especially by ensuring safe and competent equipment maintenance at dive centres.

MA SERVICES has been providing specialized professional services of breathing air equipment for diving centers, safari vessels, fire stations, and other high pressure breathing air applications in Maldives.

As the agent of BAUER -- the world's leader in diving compressors -- SCUBAPRO, RENNER, KSI, and other well-known names in the diving industry, our products come with the manufacturer's warranty.