Russian Celebrity Katya Lel Enjoys a Cultural Stay at Fushifaru Maldives

Ahmed Shurau

Fushifaru Maldives recently had the honour of hosting renowned Russian singer and actress Katya Lel, who enjoyed an extraordinary and culturally enriching stay at Lhaviyani Atoll’s boutique and luxury resort.

With over 3 million followers on Instagram, as well as her recent single “My Marmalade” hitting the top of the world charts (3rd place on Spotify and 10th on Shazam), it was an honour for Fushifaru to host Katya Lel and be placed as a premier destination for celebrities and discerning travellers alike.

During her stay, Katya Lel immersed herself in the rich cultural heritage of the Maldives. She participated in various traditional Maldivian activities, including local music and dance performances, which provided her with a deeper appreciation for the country’s unique culture.

Katya Lel’s visit was marked by the luxurious accommodations and bespoke services that Fushifaru Maldives is known for. She stayed in one of our stunning overwater villas, offering breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and pristine beaches. Her stay was complemented by personalised services that ensured her utmost comfort and relaxation. Katya Lel explored the natural beauty of the Maldives through a variety of activities. She enjoyed snorkelling in the vibrant coral reefs surrounding Fushifaru, encountering an array of marine life. Additionally, she enjoyed a deserted sandbank experience, surrounded by the natural splendour of the Maldives.

Katya Lel expressed her gratitude for the warm hospitality and unforgettable experiences she had at Fushifaru Maldives. “We were brought to a desert island for a reboot, we are absolutely

delighted with the time spent there with meditation and creating a mantra of love! A dream come true! Thank you Fushifaru, it was unforgettable.” she said. Fushifaru Maldives continues to be a preferred destination for celebrities and travellers seeking an extraordinary experience that combines luxury, culture, and natural beauty. The resort’s commitment to excellence ensures that every guest enjoys a memorable and enriching stay.