Four projects completed under BML Community Fund

Alfa Ali

Bank of Maldives has today announced the successful completion of 4 projects under its Community Fund program.

In S. Hithadhoo, the ‘RahVeshi Programme’ was conducted by Maldives Manta Conservation Programme. As part of the project, a month long marine education course was held to raise awareness which included a trip with members of the local community to survey manta rays. The NGO also provided further education on the research work carried out by the NGO and as part of the project, conducted interviews with seafarers to document and publish their immeasurable knowledge of the ocean.

In H.Dh. Nellaidhoo, sporting equipment was purchased to support the youth development program by Fato Sports Academy. The program includes the trainings in football, handball and volleyball targeted for kids aged between and 6 and 15 years.

An outdoor reading park was established in Mulak School by local NGO, Community Empowerment Linkage. The project aims to instill the love for reading in amongst students.

A life coaching and capacity building program was conducted in AA. Ukulhas, H.A. Maarandhoo and H.A. Thakandhoo by Association of Lady Entrepreneurs. The program targeted mainly for local women covered topics varying from self-empowerment, stress management, communication and digital marketing and introduction to business.

The BML Community Fund is a program to enable NGOs to make a positive impact on their communities through sustainable projects. Since its inception, BML has provided financial assistance to 100 projects nationwide.